WordPress Zen: How to Make $100 bucks a Month by Writing About Your Passion (Chapter 1)

Wordpress Zen: How to Make $100 bucks a Month by Writing About Your Passion (Chapter 1)

How do you make money?” has been the question of my life. From dry holiday gatherings to crazy social parties, this question is never spared. Without waking up early and heading off to the typical 9-to-5 every morning or wearing an expensive suit with a choking tie, people are at a loss on how I “make my living” by seemingly doing “nothing.”

Well, it’s true. I don’t have a typical 9-to-5 corporate job and I can work in my pajamas all day if I chose to, but the truth is that I do work. The main difference between me and the rest of the herd, is that I don’t “separate work and play,” as the well-known business axiom goes. No sir. My work is my play. And another word for work married to play is “passion.”

And my passion has always been the Internet, and how I can express myself through this digital medium. More correct, the Internet has always been my canvass in which I express and share my passions. Whether through my various blogs, websites, and youtube videos, or my ebay listings, web development gigs, or consulting, I’ve been in love with the Internet for the better of part of 15 years.

And I’m proud to say that 100% of my income is Internet-driven. Yup, that’s right. I make my living from communicating and sharing my ideas through the Internet, mainly through the use of a single blogging platform called “wordpress,” which we’ll learn more about shortly.

But this book isn’t about “making a living” from the Internet. Many of you have absolutely no interest in quitting your job and devoting your life to getting rich online or spending countless hours in front of a computer screen. I don’t blame, ya! It’s not for everyone. And that’s perfectly fine. This book is about those of you interested in making at least $100 dollars of monthly passive income by simply sharing your passion with the world by writing about it.

With that said, there may be some of you whom wish to make a killing from the Internet and eventually quit their agonizing corporate jobs. This book is the perfect launch pad for that, but it’s not going to be our focus here.

Once you start making the $100 per month, combined with the burning desire to expand and grow your blog, you could very well be earning $20,000+ within a year solely from 1-3 websites. But techniques geared towards making more than $100 a month fall outside the scope of this book. You’ll have to wait for the follow-up for that, guys!

What Would You Do With an Extra $100?

$100 bucks!What could a $100 bucks of “passive” income do for you, you ask? Well, firstly, take notice to the word “passive.” That essentially means “automatic.” Once you get the ball rolling with writing about your passion, within 6 months you shouldn’t have a problem making at least $100 per month, automatically.

Simply by maintaining what you’re doing and not even having to do anything extra.

Imagine that! Well, since you’re already reading this book, I’m sure you have already. I’m sure you know that making an extra $100 buckaroos a month by sitting on your ass for a few times per week and banging out a few quality articles about what you already love doing, sounds pretty sweet wouldn’t you say?

You could take that $100 and set it up to automatically pay down your credit card debt; or how about those school loans? You could use it to purchase an extra few pounds of that really expensive loose-leaf tea (pi lo chun, anyone?) or a box fine cigars (I’m a nut for oily cubans).

You could buy a few extra shirts per month to add to your growing wardrobe or, heck, go out to eat a few more times a month with your girlfriend. Whatever makes you happy, boss! That extra $100 a month—though not making you rich—is definitely going to help you out in some way. And we’re not talking about neuroscience or quantum theory here—we’re simply talking about writing—writing about your passion.

You Don’t Have to Be A Professional Writer

TolstoyNow, now… don’t cringe when you hear the word “writing.” You do not need to be a professional writer or have a degree in Old English Literature to earn money online by writing. Since the astronomical rise of blogging as of 2005/06, the game has been changed altogether.

From stay-at-home moms to math teachers, people are making good money online by writing articles during their spare time, on weekends, or lunch breaks. Blogging has totally cut out the middleman, the snobby publishing houses and editors, from getting your work out there to the world and actually making a buck. People want to read about real shit from real people…people who are passionate about something and can write about it, at least decently well. And that’s where you come in.

Right now, literally thousands of blogs are being created every second. I’m going to assume that you are familiar with the term “blog” throughout this book. For those of you that aren’t, that’s okay. A blog is simply another name for a website, essentially.

The only real difference is that a blog is a more interactive website, in that people can comment and react to your articles. It’s also a website that can be easily shared with other people through various forms of social media marketing which we’ll cover in the marketing chapter. For now, just know that a blog and website are, more or less, synonymous.

Anyone Can Start a Blog

As I stated earlier, I make a 100% of my income from the Internet. The longest “regular” job I’ve ever had lasted about 3 months and that was the last time I ever worked in the corporate world. Since 2003/04, while during my second year in college, I started to figure out ways on how I could make money online.

First by selling items on ebay, then to running a several hundred dollar a week paper writing business. I’d charge some desperate student $300 a paper and pay another financially desperate writer $50 to write the paper for me, and take $250 to the bank each time. It was great. Some of the easiest money I’ve ever made in my life.

Then after a year or so of doing that, I upped my game and built an entire website around students selling notes and papers to other students. I figured out that I could make more money by helping other students make money, taking a transaction fee for every paper or note sold. Eventually, I sold that business to a company in India.

I’ve been figuring out ways to make money online for about 8 years now and it’s just what I do. I started out relying mostly on the techniques I’ll be discussing in this book, but have since moved on to selling e-books and online courses, which is a natural progression for someone wanting to make a full-time thing out of this (keep that in mind for all of you desiring that!).

Here’s a few snapshots of REAL payments from some websites that generate automatic money for me on a monthly basis.

From one of my health-based websites google has already earned me $219.84 and the month of August 2011 isn’t even over. That’s an average of $8.79 dollars per day in passive income.

In compliance with Google’s terms, I couldn’t show you the amounts of clicks received on the specific ads, but do take notice to the “page impressions” — only 1500 people, on average, had to visit my site for me to achieve this amount of money. And 1500 impressions per day is nothing! If the content is good, you’re going to make money. It’s that simple.

google adsense payment

Here’s a payment stub from another company that pays me $100 a month just by me allowing them to put a few links on 2 of my websites. Just “9”… yes, that’s right, “9” links placed throughout only 2 of my blogs earns me $95 bucks a month in passive income.

text link ads payment

Now, does this make me rich? No way! Not even close. But I think you get the picture here. The total of $300 bucks as you saw above, not the mention the other hundreds of dollars I make in affiliate sales (selling peoples’ products on my blogs for a cut in the profits) per month, makes me good passive income to augment my principle projects of selling ebooks, online courses, consulting, etc…

Remember, this isn’t a “get rich quick” dream I’m selling you. This is a “make a $100 bucks a month” REALISTIC goal that anyone can achieve if they:

  1. Have a passion.
  2. Willing to write at least 5 (250-700 word) quality articles per week.
  3. Are willing to commit to at least 1 year of work. (Most people will achieve the $100/mo mark within 6 months, but a year is a good benchmark).

You Have a Passion, Don’t You?

I’m assuming that you are passionate about something. If you don’t know what your passion is, spend some time figuring out what you really, really, really love doing (whether you could make money from it or not), then come back to this book.

You Don’t Need to Be A Techy Person

I won’t assume that you are a technological wizard; however, I will assume that you have some working knowledge of what a blog is and how the Internet / Computer works (using a browser, writing an article with a text editor, etc..). You won’t have to already know anything about setting up a blog or how to hire someone to do that for you, as we’ll be discussing that in the next chapter.

Right now, make sure you

  1. Have your passion.
  2. Have a clear goal by affirming to yourself “I will be making $100 dollars a month in passive income within 1 year by writing about what I love at least 5 times a week.” And make sure you’re committed with “And I’m totally committed to this.” (Also write down these affirmations. The more detailed the better. Make sure to add the REASON why you want to make $100 per month in passive income and what you’ll be spending it on / how it could help you).
  3. And are resolved to push through even if you don’t see a dime within the first few crucial months that you’ll need to spend establishing your blog.

Great! Next, in Chapter 2, we’ll be moving on to setting up your blog and getting the ball rolling. Make sure to check back in tomorrow.

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