Who’s REALLY an Entrepreneur?

There’s a wide gap between being an entrepreneur and someone who thinks they can run a business. The former was born into entrepreneurship and is a natural leader; the latter tries to become an entrepreneur, sometimes finds moderate success even, but never reaches any substantial heights.

The constant pressure of trying to be something you’re not, creates a wall, constantly at one-inch ahead of you: you can never fully see anything!

An entrepreneur wants to make money! It’s that simple. He wants to take something for one price and sell it for a higher price. He want’s to create something out of nothing, package it, and sell it!

We hope that the entrepreneur is a good person with positive motives, but those things don’t have anything to do with defining an entrepreneur. And entrepreneur has no definition: his every action and thought breeds entrepreneurship.

Hollywood and the American Dream have taught us that business is good. And it is. But the reality is that most people who think they can create and run a business, certainly have no business trying to do so.

If you already know in your heart that you want to paint, then why do you spend all your time thinking about how to best market your product? Well, now, is entrepreneurship and artistry mutually exclusive? Absolutely not. Look at Steve Jobs.

However, first and foremost, Jobs was a entrepreneur. It was he who had the vision of personal computers. He who closed the deals. And he who kept the lights on. He being an entrepreneur was irrespective of any industry he worked within: music, video, hardware, etc… exceeding brilliantly with each.

My point is—no matter how deep and romantic the discussion between nature vs. nurture—environment vs natural abilities— goes, we are who we are. You’re either born an entrepreneur and accept it, nurture it, and hone it into brilliant products and services that change the world. Or you aren’t born an entrepreneur, try your whole life to be one, and end up running a small business…constantly dreaming about your true talents and desires all the while.

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