My Secret Productivity Formula: Mate, Meditation, and Sleep

my productuvuty formula

Yerba fucking mate! Good stuff, guys. So good, that I even started an entire website about it this year called It’s a drink that has changed my life in innumerable ways. A drink that has formed relationships, brought me closer to people, and allowed for some amazingly interesting conversations to take place. It’s a friendly drink. Family drink. Rad drink!

Okay! But this article isn’t going to be about just mate alone. I’d like to also discuss sleep. Yeah, that’s right. I said “sleep.” I want to sort of synthesize sleep and mate and…wait for it…wait for it… meditation!

Let’s talk productivity, eh!?

A few weeks back I wrote a few articles on my biphasic sleep experiments. Biphasic sleep means that instead of sleeping once per day, you sleep —”bi”—twice in any given day. This is the natural sleep cycle for the human, but we’ve long forgotten this law of nature since the Industrial Revolution and the evermore demand of work!-work!-work! For as many hours as you can mentality.

No this may sound counter-intuitive, but would you believe me if I told you that spending more time doing “nothing” each day will actually allow you to do more? Well, I wouldn’t believe me if I heard that, so I wouldn’t expect you to neither.

So that is why I dare you to keep an open mind and, more so, actually TRY out some of my suggestions to see for yourself. Forget theory and go for experience!

Okay, so mate is awesome—we both know that already. And if you don’t know that, go get yourself some mate, a gourd, and a bombilla and try drinking some. Here’s a good site to buy some solid mate.

Now what does mate have to do with productivity?

So fucking much, actually! Mate is like no other drink. Think of a cocktail of coffee, chocolate, and tea all combined to create a super drink…without the jitters from coffee and the sugar from chocolate. Mate is an intelligent drink. It 1.) sustains your energy in a smooth and gentle fashion…and 2.) lends way for what I call “creative clarity.”

Experience has proven to me that mate actually gives you a sort of creative high that can’t be obtained from coffee or even tea. Sure, coffee is great for a quick cognitive boost that’ll rise sharply and fall even faster after 30 minutes. And tea is great for a feeling of peace and tranquility.

But what makes mate special is that it combines the both of best worlds, and has a little extra “magic” in it that is like no other drink. It’ll help you breakthrough creative blocks and sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

Bihpasic Sleep and Productivity

Now, biphasic sleep! Yeah, baby! This has also been a life-changer. Put simply, going to sleep again in the form of a nap several hours after rising each day will, at least, double your output.

Not just in hours, but in unquantifiable creative production that is beyond time. How so? Well, because of dreams! When you dream, you create. Going back into the dreamscape for another round each day will help you sort out all of your problems, open up new creative doors, and, literally, repair your body faster.

From the second you wake in the morning, your body is building up something called “sleep pressure,” which acts like a sleep timer… and once you feel totally drained and your brain is fried from concentration, creative work, what have you, it’s time to…guess what? Go to sleep!

Yes, it’s time to reset that internal clock and release all the accumulated sleep pressure. This will charge your mental and spiritual batteries and allow you to wake up feeling as if you had just slept 8 hours, when it was only 1.5 hours.

Meditation Increase Productivity

Meditation is the most important key that ties this all together. For the past few years you guys have heard me ramble on about meditation and all the spiritual benefits, but let’s winnow the often overly complex subject down to what mediation means to productivity.

Meditation allows you to press pause on the day without actually going to sleep. Breaking the day’s hectic routine with 10 minutes of sitting on the floor —with a cushion or pillow stacked on a rolled-up blanket so your knees are on a downward angle in Indian Position of “Lotus”— will do wonders for productivity.

You MUST stop the mind at least once per day in order to be truly productive. When you meditate, you connect back to your Source. You tap into The Everything. You go somewhere beyond the limits of the mind. And this “Somewhere” cannot be defined with words. You’ll have to go there for yourself and see the results.

After your daily mediation, you’ll come out of your trance and feel so ready to take on the day or to jump back into your work with more vigor, thrust, and creative energy. It’s absolutely essential if you want to be productive. You need to refill your spiritual and mental bank with “nothingness” each day. And that “nothingness” is the fertilizer for all creation.

Now imagine the potential for someone implementing all three: Mate, Biphasic Sleep, and Meditation.

Holy shit!

Can you imagine that…?

Can you see how ridiculously powerful that synergy could be?

Well, I don’t have to image. Because I do it daily.

Here’s what a typical day is like for me, in regard to these productivity tools.

  1. Wake around 8am.
  2. (Sometimes jump into a quick 15 minute meditation)
  3. Work on my projects.
  4. 10am begin drinking mate.
  5. Continue work / drinking mate to about 2pm.
  6. From 2pm – 3.00pm do some lighter work… maybe even watch a movie.. Take it easy.
  7. 3.00pm take a 1.5 hour Nap.
  8. 4 – 5.30 get back into some heavy work.
  9. 5.30 – 6.30 go for a walk / exercise
  10. 6.30- 2am – do whatever….eat…party…study… babies…etc..
  11. 2am – 2.30 am Practice seated meditation
  12. 2.30am pass the fuck out!

This combination has proven to be very, very, very productive for me. I urge you to take my productivity template and play with it. If you’re not up on mate, start drinking it. If you don’t take naps, start taking one per day…even if it’s only for 20mins. If meditation is as alien to you as a blue footed booby, grab yourself a book or take my free course and get with it goddamnit!.

And for those of you whom are really serious, go for the trifecta! Incorporate all three and see what sort of results you get. Then get your ass back to this page and comment below, so we can all learn!

Chau Chau.

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4 Responses to My Secret Productivity Formula: Mate, Meditation, and Sleep

  1. Avram Gonzales August 26, 2011 at 12:22 pm #

    Mate is the shit! I started drinking it when I first visited Argentina this past December. I was obsessed, I drank it everyday we were there and of course I brought back my own cup and 4 kilos of the stuff! I’m almost out, damn!

    You’re totally right, it gives you something that coffee, tea, and no other substance on earth can give you. It’s pure, natural, and tooootally earthy! When I was still in school I stayed up many late nights rocking papers the day before they were due with mate. Oh, and talk about a “body high” as well :)

  2. Christopher June 15, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    So you don’t drink mate past 2pm?

  3. Zach September 23, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    Mate gives me a feeling of ecstatic clarity like nothing else. Mate for the win!

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