Overreacting to Injustice is Intelligent

 john brown

At a bar where I exchange English for Spanish one a week for an hour not too long ago, I tried to turn in my free beer voucher for a nice cold pint but I was refused my usual beer and told that I could only have water. I asked the bartender why, “that’s the only thing you can have” he said. I wasn’t happy and scoffed. For as long as I’ve been going to that event, close to two-years now, I’ve had a “free” included beer with the 30-peso per event fee. The other night, mysteriously, they had changed their procedure without notice or, as it seems, care for what, me, the paying client thinks.

My friend told me I was overreacting yet I thought her under-reacting.

How often are people labeled as over-reactors when they are simply trying to understand why something is the way it is or isn’t? Is it an overreaction to question? To dig a little into a situation? To question the prevailing authority over this society?

I see that night’s quite trivial event, as a microcosm to a grander issue unfolding and pressing against each citizen of this current monster of a society—the prevailing under-reacting to seek what’s right. As far as I can see, people wait, like patients in a waiting room waiting to be called in to the doctor’s office, for the right answer. No body wants to take the lead, but be lead by the least amongst us. No body wants to pick up the rock of the situation and see what lies beneath it. We’re too lazy for such investigation. Docile cats strolling the streets for a stranger to throw some food.

What you call overreacting I call intelligence. As inconsequential as me not getting my beer the other night was, it underscored just how ready people are to accept. We’re knocking over our kings five moves into the game. Let’s shut up, be quite, and surrender to the will of the collective. They have already figured out what’s right for us, through their hard work in Congress and Legislation, their righteousness and uprightness, and through their honesty and desire for the common good…. so now what right do we have to question anything? Those that question deserve to die. Traitors! Trouble makers! Fools! Be quite and eat your food.

But I’d rather starve than go to bed with the Devil. I’d rather question what’s not right, with cuts, bruises, insults, and all, than remain silent to unrighteousness with the comfort of security, food, and protection. We’ve become weak and ineffective. The dog has lost his bite and the bark has long been muzzled with obedience, fear, and “let’s not make a big deal of this.”

Has there ever been a time like this one when overreaction was more necessary? I think not. When the spirit is at the brink of extinction each trivial event becomes paramount to our attention. We have to flip off the auto-pilot switch and take control of the machinery ourselves once more. They burned our Library of Alexandria and hung our hero Captain John Brown and silenced Jesus on the Cross, but what’s great has and will forever be great.

You are great.

Though the prevailing winds of the society may steer you down their right passage, fast and safely, don’t hesitate to tack and go against the wind—it may take you longer to get home, but at least your spirit will remain intact and your Self Respect and dignity wouldn’t have been sold to the highest bidder in exchange for your obedience to a system so corrupt, so well disguised, that you think of it as the only Right for fear of life.

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7 Responses to Overreacting to Injustice is Intelligent

  1. laragazza February 2, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    I’ve always been labeled as an over-reactor just remember that controvertial people have changed this world for the better, that’s why individuals like us are a THREAT to this society.

  2. Lise February 2, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    David, this really touched a spot! Yes I am a passionate outspoken person who will not stand for BS like that, sit down and know your place! It reminds me of my sister and father who are so cool and philosophical about everything, you never see them get pissed at all, just accepting!
    Now is it that they are like Eckhart Tolle who just is in the flow and I believe probably is at a point that he doesn’t attract that anymore into his life?
    I have also been labeled as an overreactor, too opinionated, oh gods this really gets me riled up thinking about it.
    I think those people are living in the Matrix and don’t know it, us on the other hand are aware of the Matrix and fighting against sheeple mentality. That’s why I am for the Egyptian people who have had enough and are stepping up to say no more poverty, greed & inequality!
    I support you in getting that beer David or at least finding out why the heck they just decided to stop giving them!
    We will see 2011 as a year of revolution and into 2012, people will rise up and question, the energy is ripe for it, certainly astrologically its all there, starting this year and moving onto 2015.
    People breaking out of sleep, removing the sleep from their eyes and going what the **** have I been doing?
    We are moving into a new world and I am glad of it and I will not sit and just go back to sleep!!!
    Lise xx

    • David Askaripour April 19, 2011 at 9:57 am #

      Thanks for your support, Lise!! Let’s keep on doing what we do ;)

  3. Reece February 3, 2011 at 1:42 am #

    Moving piece right here David. We have to question until we get answers. If not we become another brick in the wall.

  4. Carly July 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    Thank you! I have felt like this for years! No one is reactive these days, sometimes I think that if our generation lived in the 1700s in boston, there would never have been a revolution. So many of my peers appear confused and afraid when I get fired up about the injustices I see in the world, but you know what, it confuses me that they aren’t. So much passivity in the world is unhealthy. People would rather “like” a cause on facebook than call their senator, or watch a youtube video and stay home from a rally.

    If you aren’t getting fired up where does it leave you standing when a revolution happens? On the sidelines.

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