Obama’s Environment Team – Meet the Players

Everyone for years has been talking about climate change, alternative energy, sustainable resources and on and on and on. Yet, for the past 8 years, our government has put the green scene on a back burner. And not just a back burner, mind you, a burner so far back, that anyone who looked at the stove, could barely see the flame flicker in the distance.

Our soon to be former President Bush had his own ideas about alternative energy, saving the environment, and being eco friendly to the planet. The problem was, they were always only ideas, and he never let anyone know about them which means, as far as the Bush administration went, not a whole lot was done about sustainability.

Well, folks, here comes Barack Obama, and he has taken a back burner philosophy, and turned it into a front burner passion.

Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy

The first thing he did was take on Steven Chu as the new Secretary of Energy. This is an absolute coup because Chu is regarded as having one of the most brilliant minds for the development of renewables, both energy and materials. This is the same Steven Chu who was the lab director at the renowned Berkeley laboratories, the same guy who lobbied BP oil giant for a 500 million dollar grant to research alternative energy (think about this, that’s an oil company that gave this scientist 500 million to research other forms of fuel besides oil!), the same Steven Chu who won the Nobel prize for physics in 1997. It an absolute to say, if there is one man you want to be the head of your energy department to make sure it goes in a ‘green’ direction, Steven Chu is that guy.

John Holdren, Science Adviser

It doesn’t stop there. Next on the list is noted Harvard physicist, John Holdren, as the governments’ science adviser. This is the guy who has said that man made greenhouse gasses have made our environment more than dangerous, and called the Bush administration a ‘waste’ when it came to doing anything about climate control.

The Bush administration may have labeled this man a far left wing liberal, almost radical on his climate beliefs, and you can see why. In 2004, he and other scientists penned a letter to the executive and accused the Bush administration of scientific manipulation, when facts did not correspond with what the administration wanted everyone to believe.

Needless to say, this is exactly the kind of person you want as your science adviser. No holds barred, no pulling any punches, the kind of person that will make sure they are heard and acted upon.

Jane Lubchenco, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

And let’s not forget about Jane Lubchenco. She is the preeminent marine biologist from Oregon State, who will head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She has used her credentials to become a most vocal opponent of greenhouse gasses, and is considered a world class scientist in her own right.

This is essentially unheard of in a presidential administration, elevating scientists to prominent positions in charge of energy and climate control. Most administrations give these posts away to friends or associates, and they are almost more of a nameplate position, than an actual working one. But not in the Obama administration.

We are all suddenly faced with the prospect that there will be real change for our environment. Although there has been a huge grass roots movement across the country dedicated to recyclables, eco friendly products, sustainable and renewable energy sources, our government never got on the same bus. But now, finally, there is an administration in place that not only will ride on that same bus with all of us, but may actually become the driver!

I say, it’s about time!

Article by: Green Columnist, Dale Y the Green Guy

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  1. Dara January 8, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

    It’s about damn time, I agree. I can only hope that Obama and his team follow through with some of the environmental improvements we expect from them.


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