Non Verbal Communication — Language Without Words

Last night when he spoke in Spanish to me, there were many windows where I absolutely didn’t understand the words that he spoke. “I don’t understand shit right now!” I thought. Actually, it was pretty funny. I was laughing inside loudly. Having a ball with myself! Then, just like that… I started to understand… Not the words. I still couldn’t make out all the words… hardly any of them… but, yet, I still completely understood. How did this happen? How can I be understanding him —totally!—without knowing the actual words? I thought about that for a few seconds, then it hit me! I was experiencing Non Verbal Communication (NVC). I no longer needed to depend on the words to understand the language — I didn’t need to depend on anything. There was no translation. Just direct communication. Yes, there were still words. But it was as if each word was a painting and I could just see it and understand it right away, as if it was displayed on a wall. It was then that I realized — or came closer to — what language is really about. It cannot be translated. It’s not just words strung together, but something way beyond spoken tongue. There’s a language in everything. We can study it formally and try and figure it out, but that’s just peeling away the surface. Butter, not bread. It’s deeper than that. What we now know as language is what scientist thought of the atom hundreds of years ago: as the smallest particle known to man. Now that notion has been thrown away, as we’ve explored the realms of quarks and quantum. Did you ever “just know?” This “just knowing” is what language is really all about. Anyone that’s brilliant at anything, “just knows…” There’s no translation from how-to-why-to-when-to-where. Knowing! Knowing! Knowing! Now! It’s from now to now. Infinity smashing into infinity, over and over again. This is creation. This is language. This is Jazz, man… When we study Castellano or Italiano or Persian, we can use the sharpening of our tongues to spit of new words and meanings, as a catalyst to see what real language is all about. I understood this very well last night when words ceased and bowed to direct understanding. One day, there will be no need for words, and we’ll speak as we do in dreams — mouths shut and minds open. We’ll do as the animals do, and rely more on silence than sound. We’ll step into a room and command our presence without a fancy suit or tie, but what emanates from within and shines among us.

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2 Responses to Non Verbal Communication — Language Without Words

  1. Tom Wong January 22, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Hi, you have given me much food for thought! I have experienced a bit of what you are talking about. When I went France I thought I would have a problem with the language but after a bit there was no problem I understood what was going on and the French peoples I came across understood on a basic level what I was about.
    I also understand about dreams. Interesting isn’t it.

  2. Carly July 22, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    Wow, you are so right. I’m learning German right now and I feel like so many times the times I understand best are when I totally give up and just pay attention to what my teacher is doing, not what she is saying.

    I love how you touched on how thought isn’t naturally word based or verbal. That thought is so much more than that and that we limit ourselves by defining thought as word for word.

    Beautiful message.

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