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It was at the car wash, the summer before my senior year of high school, where I had been sitting on the bench during my fifteen-minute break between frantically drying off and vacuuming out cars, where I was leafing through the book Lies My Teacher Told Me. This would be the summer that I became a serious reader. This was the embarkment on my journey to books and reading — one that I would never debark from.

Since that summer, nearly 10 years ago, I haven’t been without a book. I’m constantly reading something. Maybe I inherited this insatiable hunger for books from my late grandmother, the English teacher, or perhaps from my grandfather, the politician, deacon, public speaker, and voracious reader. Perhaps from my mother who, as little girl, always had a stack of books by her side — and still today, with her growing library of cookbooks and the latest from Oprah’s Book Club. Well, however it happened, I developed as a reader. And I’m quite happy about that.

Reading has opened up so many doors for me. It has changed the way I think, eat, and look at the world. In many ways, books have sculpted me with the same finesse and care as the sculptor deftly shapes stone with the sway of a pick. And with each new book comes a new journey— a new curve of my shaping. A new way of looking at the world and myself. Let me share with you some of my reasons why I love to read so much.

  • TV turns me into a Zombie. Well, sort of. TV has gotten a bad wrap, and rightly so. But I must admit that though I don’t watch TV, I do watch a handful of series online (Gotta have my “House” and “Lie to Me”). TV, especially with all those damn commercials, can sort of ruin your creativity and ability to exercise your mind. This is perhaps why I choose to read than watch TV. When I read, my mind has to work. I have to use my imagination and critical thinking skills. I have to figure things out. In short, reading helps to open my mind instead of keep it as it is… or worse, shrinking it… as TV often does.
  • Reading is fun. What’s better than reading about something you’re interested in? When you dig something, reading about it is like icing on the cake. You can read for hours about your favorite businessman, actor, writer, politician, etc., and never get bored. When I find a person that I really love, like Thomas Merton or Henry David Thoreau, it’s ridiculously exciting to read more and more of their works — drilling deeper into their lives with each book.
  • I’m not sure how much I agree with the cliché of “Knowledge is Power,” but I must concede that reading does imbue you with a sort of power. For those of you that have been following my endless tirade on youtube these past few months, you’ll already know how I feel about power coming from within. But, nonetheless, reading gives you a chance to knowledge-up and really get into a subject that was once obscure to you. It has a way of illuminating things that you already knew, but just couldn’t express or see for yourself. I’ve read dozens of books on Buddhism, Zen, and Religion over the past three years that have illuminated so many obscurities in my mind, which opened up new realms of understanding for me. So in a way, books helped to accelerate my current understanding of myself! So in that regard, books are quite powerful.

I hope that books have helped improve your lives in some way. And if you haven’t experienced books and reading yet, I implore you to go to your library or local bookstore and get a book on the thing you love doing most in the world.

Here are a few recent book reviews that I made over the past few months.

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