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David Askaripour

Life Consulting

If you’d like to personally have me in your corner solving problems, overcoming challenges, making creative breakthroughs, helping you smash through obstacles, or decide what direction to take in your life in, please consider scheduling a phone consultation with me.

Business Consulting

I offer two main categories of consulting: Life Coaching, as described above, and more technical, Business Consulting that deals with setting up websites, social media, preparing for speeches, online marketing and promotion, and essentially how to make money by doing what you love, using the Internet (blog) as a medium.

Though there are many overlaps in these two areas of consulting, I keep them separated since one is very technical and the other is more intellectual / creative.

My Approach isn’t Typical, But Very Unique — No Set Hourly Rates (Life Consulting)

My phone consultations usually last between 30 mins – 2 hours. I don’t want there to be any time pressure between me and the person I’m helping, so I don’t charge by the hour, but the session.

Working through a creative block or helping someone navigate through a life of confusion, doubts, and uncertainties, isn’t something very cut and dry, and takes time to process and weed out a lot of the smoke and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving success in your life.

From the age of 7, if not younger, I’ve been helping people solve problems in their lives, whether it be helping a buddy work up enough courage to ask his dream girl out or helping High School graduates decide what college to attend in the upcoming Fall semester. I have a proven track record of helping people get to the root of their issues and finally understand how to take actions to move forward in their lives.

My approach relies heavily on internally seeking the answers within yourself. As an experienced practitioner of Zen, I have learned the immense value of internal reflection and contemplation, something that I impart to my clients and help them start their own inward journey of finding out who they truly are.

I’m sure you can see why I don’t set a fixed hour for these sessions, as it would go against the purpose of helping you talk through your issues in a peaceful and calm manner, without having to think about the seconds ticking away. My approach is holistic, not formulaic and fixed in stone.

Many clients come to me to help them work through their passions and figure out ways to actually start earning a living by doing things they love, without having to continue working at some dead-end job that’s sucking the life out of them.

These sort of sessions are at the cornerstone of what I do, as I am able to integrate my 16+ years of entrepreneurial experience into the session and come to some conclusions and actions plans on how to achieve financial freedom with your passion.

You’ve Been Told to Think “Out of the Box” But You Never Learned HOW

With my one-on-one coaching, I’ll actually show you how to think outside of the box. No, there isn’t any special formula used or some “secret” as we’ve been lead to believe from Hollywood’s latest dramatic documentary on how to simply imagine success while you sit at your couch munching down a bag of Lays.

When we have our session, I’ll really listen to you. Most people never learned the art of listening, and simple pause to “hear” you and wait for it’s their turn to respond. When I listen to your life, I’ll begin to intuitively and naturally get inside of what you’re dealing with. I can’t really explain how I do this, but it’s been a gift in my life that has allowed me to truly and profoundly help people.

I’ve always been “that guy who just gets it.” The go-to person that anything could be told to because of my sense of true interest and desire to really help others out. I’ve done this for as long as I could remember and over the past few years, I’ve decided to make this my principal living and begin earning money from my gifts, as anyone should do with their passions.

Apart from naturally being able to help people with their problems, I’ve honed and sharpened these skills when I realized that this is where my life was headed. Through thousands of hours of practice with friends, family, clients, and closely paying attention to my own life—through the many businesses I’ve started, the several countries I’ve traveled and lived in, my time spent in California living in the Ancient Redwood Forest to help the activist movement out there, to learning new languages and appearing on television and news shows to spread my message—I’ve been able to get really good at helping people.

Did you ever just read a book and just get it? You were able to write an amazing essay with such ease, while your friends sat and wondered how it was so easy for you? Well, that’s sort of like me when it comes to helping people. I’m able to adapt my language to suit your needs and tell you just the right things that you need to hear in order to make that breakthrough. Perhaps in ways that would be very difficult for others.

As someone who literally studies just about anything that remotely piques my interest—programming, design, computers, blogs, psychology, neurology, health, languages, et. Al— I have a wide vocabulary set to build models, using analogy and metaphor, to represent ideas and actions to move your understanding forward in a way that precisely relates to you. In your own words. In other words, I handcraft and customize each approach to helping you, paying special attention to your own needs.

This is how we’re able to have so many “ah ha!” moments as our session progresses. I’m able to help you connect the dots with things that perhaps you’ve missed or weren’t thinking about before. It’s common to become blind to what’s going on in your life, because there’s no separation between you and what you’re doing. You need an outsider to take a look at what’s going on and help you navigate through the decisions you’re making and the direction you’re headed in.

The end result is that you “finally see it!” or you “finally get it!” and you’re able to move forward with a new vision. You’re no longer just a wadding boat in the open sea. You now have a direction; a strategy to get there; and a vision to keep you afloat.

Best Consulting Situations

Here are the main areas that I can help you with on a one-on-one consultation

Life Consulting

  • Achieving Your Goals: Learning how to get rid of your limiting beliefs of “I’m not good enough” and showing you that you are good enough. Helping you to see the false obstacles that you’ve laid in front of your success without you even knowing it. To transcend your fears and take back the reigns of your life.
  • Career / Job Transitions: So many people are stuck at a job they hate, all the while thinking about their true passions. I’ll show you how to make that transition from just “getting by” to actually living a life of purpose, where you’re doing the things you love and bring you joy.
  • Breaking Habits and Patterns: Overcoming addictions and habits that are holding you back and inserting positive change in your life.
  • Getting Through Fear: Recognizing the fears that are holding you back and learning how to get beyond them.
  • Meditation and Consciousness Expansion: Learning how to build space and silence through meditation and other forms of consciousness expansion that’ll increase your awareness and allow you to finally see yourself for the first time in your life.
  • Productivity: How to manage your time and organize your life.
  • Relationships: Whether it’s with your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends, I’ll show you how to sever bad relations and form new healthy ones. How to speak to your parents about your true desires and wishes. How to approach and gain new friends. How to tell your partner that you are no longer able to continue the relationship. Or how to begin dating.
  • Creativity and Brainstorming: Helping you formulate and crystallize your ideas. Developing clear steps on how to implement and move forward with your ideas in a practical way. Help to generate totally new ideas and get rid of stale ones.

Business Consulting

  • Making Money Online: Through my several years experience of making money simply by writing about my passions, I’ll show you how to set up a blog, market it, and make money from any passion that you have, each month. I’ll show you have to build passive income so you get paid while you sleep.
  • Preparing for a Speech or Presentation: Helping you to come up with a speech that you’ll be giving on stage or a powerpoint presentation that you’ll deliver online, classroom, event, or boardroom. I’ll help you fine tune your pitch and make it easily understandable. I’ll review and revise your presentation and help sharpen it. If you’re seeking to persuade, we’ll get into the psychology of persuasion and influence, and how to get people onboard with your vision (without them even knowing it). This also applies to Sales Agents seeking to hone their skills.
  • WordPress Blog Setup: WordPress is the number 1 blogging system on the Internet. I’m an expert with it, and can show you how to install it and use it to get your message out to the world. I can also show you how to use it for selling items online, creating a business website, or for anything else you’re trying to achieve online.
  • Social Media Marketing: Showing you how to implement and use facebook, twitter, forums, newsletter services, RSS, blogs, plugins, social bookmarking sites, etc… to promote your message to the world in unique and creative ways. I’ll also show you how to establish a Youtube identity and begin publishing videos around your passion online.
  • Sales Pages / Landing Page: Showing you how to effectively market your product/service by gaining opt-ins (people interested in your product) and how to launch your product (ebooks, membership site, website, videos, etc..) through a process known as a “sales funnel” which, through a series of email campaigns and free give-aways over several days, ensures that your prospect purchases whatever it is that you’re selling—because you’ve earned their trust. I’ll show you how to do this.
  • Website Review: I’ll take a look at your website and show you where it’s lacking and what exact steps you need to take to begin making money, better engage readers, and how to build a loyal following.

Here are some scenarios that I prefer NOT to consult with:

  • Serious Health Issues and Illnesses, Drug Problems, or Weight Loss: I can help you one some level to begin thinking on a positive vibe, but I am NOT a doctor and don’t have any formal degrees in psychology, medicine, nutrition, trained health practitioner, or psychiatry. If your problems are serious, I suggest you seek a Professional Doctor.
  • Extreme Anger, Suicidal Thoughts, and Extreme Depression: In these instances, I recommend that you seek a Professional Therapist. I can understand what you’re going through, but I don’t think I’d be best suited to help you in your situation.
  • People seeking a Super Quick Solution: If you’re looking for a quick fix to your problem, them I’m not your guy. I make no guarantees on anything and that’s not how I work. What we do together is like painting a picture, and though you will most likely resolve your problems and gain clarity, it’s a process that’s beyond quick fixes and patchwork to relieve the problem temporarily instead of getting to the root and going beyond it once and for all.
  • People Who Don’t Have the Desire to Grow: If you aren’t truly committed to positive change in your life, then please don’t book a consultation with me. I’m only interested in working with people who are ready to make a change and take action. I don’t want you to waste your money, nor for me to waste my time, working in a situation where you aren’t ready to move forward and take charge with your life. So please be serious about change before you book a consult.
  • People Seeking Free or Discounted Consultation and Emails: At this point, I can no longer offer free consultations to anyone. I make my living this way and it would be counterproductive to me and my clients to spend hours giving free personal advice to everyone. I do have a blog and a video channel with over 300 videos and counting with a plethora of free, practical advice on a range of topics. So if you can’t afford my rates, please seek out my free information that I continue to publish on the Web.

What You Can Expect in Our Consultation

After receiving confirmation that you’ve booked your consultation with me, I’ll email you back promptly with a series of questions about what’s going on in your life and what you’re seeking. We’ll then decide on a day and hour for our consult. One the day we both agreed on, I’ll call you and we’ll begin.

Here’s a rough flow of how a consultation may be like. But remember, each consult is unique and tackled differently. There is no fixed or rigid formula that we’ll stick to. It’s not my intention to drag out therapy-like sessions that go on forever and force you to continue coming back to resolve unfinished issues. Each consult will be adapted to you and will be something quite new.

  • Preparation: I will meditate for some time before our consultation and I’ll clear my head and bring your situation into my awareness. I will review any information (websites, resumes, articles, outlines, etc..) that you have provided beforehand and begin working through various scenarios and entry-points into your situation. Once I have generated enough space to devote to our consult, I will call you at the agreed upon time.
  • Understanding Your Situation: At the beginning of the call we’ll make our introductions, then I’ll ask you to explain your situation, ideas, problems, or setback so that I have a full understanding of what’s going on. I may ask you to make some clarifications of the situation to ensure that we’re both heading in the same direction.
  • Your Desired Outcome: We’ll then move towards what you expect to achieve; what outcomes you’d like to see. If you are unsure about your outcomes and desires, that’s fine. No worries. At that point, we’ll begin to explore scenarios and start plotting points on how to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.
  • Goals, Vision, Strategy, and Action: At this point, we’ll discussed your specific goal and the vision that you’re going to need to keep it fueled. Then we’ll get into a strategy, the steps you’ll use to actually get there, and how you will begin to take real action. This period becomes quite profound and personal, as we discuss actually how you’re going to transition from your current situation to your goal. Once our action plan that we agreed upon is in place, you’ll know how to train and program yourself to achieve success.
  • Review: Next we’ll review and make any necessary adjustments to the plan and make sure that we have everything in place for you to make the transition. I may also recommend some books, movies, or audio to listen to, to supplement our action plan.
  • After The Call: I advise you to take notes during the call. These calls can be very intellectually taxing as well as extremely energizing and invigorating — usually both at the same time — so any momentum that you feel we’ve generated after the call, I advise you to jump on it immediately and ride that wave. Take an hour or so to process the information we’ve discussed, and if you feel it, take immediate action with our plan.

    It’s not uncommon to gain deeper insights and revelations after the call, so keep your journal near by and write down any adjustments or new ideas that come to mind. Sometimes it’s immediate or in other cases new ideas will unfold in the subsequent days. Feel free to create a more detailed to-do list of what we’ve discussed.

  • Email Follow-Ups: Please feel free to email within a week after the consultation with any new ideas, questions, doubts, or issues; I’ll do my best to help you clarify anything or work through anything getting in your way from achieving your success.

Please note that the above consultation flow isn’t in anyway fixed or typical; each session, depending on the situation, will flow differently and not necessarily in the above sequential order, which was a rough guideline of what to expect. The idea is to get to the heart of your situation, and we’ll explore any route that gets us there.


Life Consulting — $75 per session

Business Consulting — $100 for first hour / $75 for multiple and/or continued sessions

How Payment is Accepted

All payment are accepted upfront via paypal. ***You don’t need a paypal account to make payment—on the payment page, look for a section that says: “Don’t Have Paypal?” and click on it. You can then proceed to pay with your credit or debit card.***

For the Business Consulting there is a set per hour rate for the call, but for the Life Coaching, there is no set duration. You can speak about one single topic or we can discuss several. Each session typically lasts 30mins — 2hours. I have found that it’s counterproductive to exceed 2 hours, so that is the maximum time it takes to usually wrap things up.

Within 2 hours, you’ll usually have so many new ideas and actions plans, that you’ll be itching to get started and jump into them right away. Exceeding 2 hours usually ends in me repeating a lot of things we’ve already covered and turning the session stale.

There’s always a limit where you’ve simply had enough and your brain becomes so consumed with new information that you need to release the pressure. When that happens, I know that I’ve done my job well and you’re now well-equipped to begin moving forward ;)

I’ve set my prices based upon filtering out people who aren’t serious about making change. If the price was free or too low, my advice wouldn’t be taken as serious and you’d be less likely to take immediate action after the consultation. I’m not interested in charging a low fee and having the value of my advice diluted by people not taking action, because in their head, “the consultation didn’t cost that much, so let me relax and take my time to think about it…” From my experience, people are more inclined to take advantage of the consultation and take action if the price isn’t set too low.

At the end of the day, I am confident in my abilities to help people and know that I can charge what I do, because of the results I’ve generated in peoples’ lives. As I continue to grow my clients, my prices may rise in the future. People sometimes go the cheap route to solving problems, then kick themselves in the butt later when they realized they’ve actually paid MORE money in the long-run. Don’t make that mistake.

That’s exactly why I no longer offer free consultations, because I can see very clearly that those clients are less prone to move forward with any real change.

Additional Information

  • Appointment Times: I usually provide consultations between 8am through 9pm Eastern time, Monday through Saturday. If those times don’t work for you, just let me know, and I’m sure that we can figure something out.
  • International Clients: I work with people outside of English speaking countries, as long as you can speak and understand conversational English well enough so that we grasp each other clearly.
  • Recorded Calls: Upon request, I can record the call for your private use only (mp3 format). Just let me know beforehand.
  • Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule our call for any reason, please give me a 24 hour notice. If it’s an emergency, then please let me know as soon as you can. I’ll do the same on my end.
  • Refunds: Due to the amount of energy, time, and creative juices I put into each consultation, there are no refunds after the consult has taken place. However, if you change your mind before the call, I’ll refund your money 100% or, if you’d like, I can transfer your consultation to someone else on your behalf. You may even like to give someone a few sessions with me as a gift. Please understand that I can only refund you with the exact method —paypal, credit card, etc.. —That you used to make the purchase.
  • Confidentiality: All consults between me and you are confidential and I won’t mention your name or issues with anyone. However, I may use models to help others, that I learned from our consultation in media outlets such as my blog, books, workshops, videos, and newsletters—your name and personal identity will never be shared in any of those outlets.
  • Multiple Topics: During our consultation you may bring up as many topics as you like, but some focus is recommended. If time permits, we’ll discuss everything you bring up, but due to varying complexity of each issue, there may be concentration focused on particular items.
  • Booking Multiple Calls: If you’d like to book another consultation after our call, that’s okay. But I suggest that you wait at least 1 full week to 10 days before you do so, giving you enough time to start implementing the action plan we formulated during the initial call. After that period, if you’d like to move in a new direction or refine an existing one, we can continue with more consultations. The idea here isn’t to make you dependent on these consultations, but to learn how to navigate on your own with what you’ve learned from our talks.
  • Subject to Approval: Upon receiving your confirmation, I will carefully review your situation and if I feel that I’m not the right fit or in a position to help you, I will refund the full amount of money you paid and, if I can, help point you in the right direction. This is nothing personal and has everything to do with making sure that you’re paying the right person to help your specific situation. I have no intention is just accepting money for the “heck of it.”

Life Consulting

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Business Consulting

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