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3 Benefits of a CRM System

Shared or distributed data Sharing information throughout various social sites allows you to follow up instantly to the needs of your customers. A good CRM system will enable you to make the best informed decisions on how to follow-up properly, and on various levels with your customers. Cost reduction The idea of a solid Customer [...]

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Productivity is Remaining Centered throughout your Day

Yesterday was just one of those days of accomplishing absolutely nothing. Sure, I made a video. That was cool. But all n’ all, the day passed by in little superficial skips between learning languages, reading, talking with friends, watching “Californication,” learning how to design ebooks, cruising around on for cool books, writing a bit, [...]

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The Need to Win

In Thomas Merton’s compilation of Chaung Tzu’s teachings in “The Way of Chuang Tzu” there is a small, yet poignant lesson that really speaks to the “ambition” in me that sometimes puts me in hot pursuit of winning instead of the constant journey of joy and appreciation found in every step along the way. It’s [...]

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Something is Always Happening

Little by little everything is happening. Little by little you are advancing. Little by little you are growing. Little by little your passion is evolving. Little by little success is unfolding. Yes, little by little all that you desire is happening — being created. The wise men of China spoke about “changing as slowly and [...]

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5 Startups That Aren’t Worth The Trouble

With the lemonade stand analogy firmly ingrained in many entrepreneurial spirits, it can be easy to think that any startup business can thrive in today’s competitive marketplace with “just the right” business plan, or “just enough” funding. With today’s advances in technology, the reality is that many conventional startup ideas are simply disappearing from view [...]

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Successful Quitting: Tips from Seth Godins ‘The Dip’

Most of us understand the value of forging ahead with our plans to overcome challenges, setting higher goals to climb the ladder of success, and moving on with words of encouragement that demand quitting is not an option. But its interesting to learn that there are some instances where quitting can actually work in your [...]

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4 Signs Youre Procrastinating on Making Your Business Plan

Now that youve settled on your entrepreneurial venture and are ready to take the steps to get started, the inevitable Business Plan anxiety has probably sunk in. Business schools and textbooks identify the business plan as an essential element for any business, and there is an ounce or two of truth behind their suggestions. After [...]

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Is Your Startup A Killer?

David Ponte of Operative recently told me about a new community that profiles startups. Killer Startups is a directory of startups where the community can vote on and discuss the potential of various startups, trying to locate the next big thing! On a weekday basis, Killer Startups profiles 30 startups. The site is using a [...]

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Your Million Dollar Idea: Ready to Run With It?

Now that your Eureka! moment has come and gone, you’ve probably got some vague idea of a business plan in the works. Channeling that spark of creativity into a full-fledged business can be daunting, but thanks to marketing gurus such as Seth Godin,turning your innovative idea into a reality may be easier than you thought. [...]

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