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Following Your Nature, Even to Death!

If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man. —Thoreau I watched a documentary of a man who lived with bears in Alaska for ten-years. He walked amongst them every summer, in the deep wilderness. People thought he was crazy and more of a danger to the bears—overly-habituating them [...]

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Non Verbal Communication — Language Without Words

Last night when he spoke in Spanish to me, there were many windows where I absolutely didn’t understand the words that he spoke. “I don’t understand shit right now!” I thought. Actually, it was pretty funny. I was laughing inside loudly. Having a ball with myself! Then, just like that… I started to understand… Not [...]

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Bamboo Dreams

Life ain’t easy jeezy. I wish that I could say that my life is perfect, but it’s not. Far from it. It ain’t that bad, either. I have food, shelter, and all limbs. That puts me ahead of 1 billion people. Not ahead, but perhaps behind. It’s a shame to live in a world where [...]

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My Secret Productivity Formula: Mate, Meditation, and Sleep

Yerba fucking mate! Good stuff, guys. So good, that I even started an entire website about it this year called It’s a drink that has changed my life in innumerable ways. A drink that has formed relationships, brought me closer to people, and allowed for some amazingly interesting conversations to take place. It’s a [...]

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Learn to Control Your State for Sucess

Are you living in the now? What do I mean by the now? Well, first let me ask you this? How ya guys doin’ today? Okay? Good? Or… AMAZING!!!? Think about that for a second. Why are you either Okay Good Or AMAZING? What images arise in your head when you’re feeling Okay Good Or [...]

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Rawry, the Rawest Man I Know

I met man named “Rawry” once in Montevideo, Uruguay. Incidentally, he was the rawest man I’ve ever met. Knocking back vodka and sprite in rapid succession. Irish! Fifty-plus years old, but as strong as an ox. It must have been around 11am. Hot as hell. “Hey you speak English don’t you?” Rawry slurred. “Yeah, what’s [...]

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Learn to Observe and Overcome Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

I get a lot of questions from all sorts of people, since I have, like, a million-and-one videos online. But I have to say, most of them have something to do with “how to stop worrying” or “how to overcome my fears” or “ how to stop my anxiety.” Fear and anxiety seem to be [...]

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Biphasic Sleep Keeps Me Like a Well Oiled Gear, Always Up and Running

First: Read part 1 of this biphasic sleep experiment, then come back to this update. Biphasic sleep baby! Yes sir… it’s been about a week since I’ve begun. And I have to say, so far so good. I’m impressed, I tell ya! Before last week, I was going to bed around 3am and waking anytime [...]

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My Biphasic Sleep Experiment Begins

Yesterday was my first day on biphasic sleep. I learned about it a few days ago from a friend who had read a book — Take a Nap! Change your life — and swore by its life-changing effects. He spoke about a boost in productivity, creativity, visions, lucid dreaming, and having more waking hours of [...]

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