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Who’s REALLY an Entrepreneur?

There’s a wide gap between being an entrepreneur and someone who thinks they can run a business. The former was born into entrepreneurship and is a natural leader; the latter tries to become an entrepreneur, sometimes finds moderate success even, but never reaches any substantial heights. The constant pressure of trying to be something you’re [...]

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WordPress Zen: How to Make $100 bucks a Month by Writing About Your Passion (Chapter 11)

Table of contents: Chapter 1 — Getting Started Chapter 2 — Installing WordPress Chapter 3 — Publishing Your First Article Chapter 4 — Making Your Articles Pretty Chapter 5 — Igniting Your Articles Chapter 6 — Optimizing Your Article Chapter 7 — Social Media Chapter 8 — Enhancing Your Blog with Plugins Chapter 9 — [...]

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Introducing the Photographer & my Cousin HUGH FINDLETAR of Milan, Italy – day #5

Hugh Findletar, my cousin and good friend, is simply one of the most creative and loving people I know. Over 4 years have passed since we last saw each other, but on my last day in Italy, my mom and I went to visit him in his studio / apartment in Milan. What an amazing [...]

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This is How I make my Money

Hey guys. I wanted to write a brief article on how I actually make money. I currently make 100% of my money from the Internet in some form or another. Primarily through this process:

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The Marketing Power of Nature – Episode 13

Nature will do everything in her infinite power to help you succeed. Give up control and allow her to do her work. Any passion or desire that you have, Nature can help you bring it to levels that you’ve never imaged — If you just allow her. Follow me on: facebook / twitter / YouTube

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Mind Petals Magazine September 2007 Issue Released

Download your copy now »

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Mind Petals Magazine August 2007 Issue

If you haven’t received your monthly PDF copy, download / subscribe here.

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Come Drink with Jason Calicanis and Me Tonight in NYC @ 6:30

If youll be in the NYC area tonight, stop by The Magician to celebrate Jason Calicanis birthday and for being jobless after recently leaving AOL. Ill be attending so I hope to meet some awesome entrepreneurs. See you then!

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