Bamboo Dreams

bamboo dreams
Life ain’t easy jeezy. I wish that I could say that my life is perfect, but it’s not. Far from it. It ain’t that bad, either. I have food, shelter, and all limbs. That puts me ahead of 1 billion people. Not ahead, but perhaps behind. It’s a shame to live in a world where a billion people don’t have food to eat today. But if I were to go to Africa and Asia and even many States throughout my country, I’d be wasting my time to help them. Surely, it would be a noble effort, but traveling the world to help the hungry isn’t my passion. It’s not my genius. And I’ll leave that business to better men. Though, I play my part. One that I won’t mention here or today, lest my ego show its face.

People often write me about their troubles. I seem to have somewhat of an influence in the world of inspiring or informing those that seek direction. So I do what I can and help point them in a direction. But even that direction that I send them will be incorrect, if their internal compass says otherwise. The best I can do is lead myself and yet I dare try to lead others.

Today it rained here in Buenos Aires. Warm and humid, but a nice breeze. Not a bad day at all. I love the spring here; it’s almost as nice as New York’s, where humidity in spring is quite rare. Now the summer here, that’s another story! You’re looking at a constant 85+ — week in and week out.

Imagine a world where each soul made a living solely by doing what they love. Just by following their own beat. What a fucking place that’d be, eh!? I sometimes think about food and still wonder why anyone in their right mind would have to pay for it when Earth already provides a bounty. I think about how the Indians hunted and worked the land for their sustenance and made their own clothing and raise their children, all without a Bank of America or a Visa bill to pay down. We’ve complicated things beyond measure.

Last month I spent most of my days in my cave penning a formula to perhaps help people who enjoy writing about their passion to earn some extra money each month. Now that it’s complete, I wonder how many people will take heed to my advice and actually begin digging themselves out of their ditch.

We cry and complain about how hard life is and refuse to soften the stone. Yes, the system we’re in is intricate and ridiculously complex; you can thank our bankers and politicians for that. Or maybe thank us for letting it happen.

I’m glad to see the Occupation of Wall Street as of nearly three-weeks now. It’s inspiring to see so much youth on the pavement, hand-to-sign, marching to end the corruption, greed, and assault on freedom. Everyone will remember the second Boston Tea Party begun in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

I miss the city. I put a good six years of my life there. From downtown to uptown to Brooklyn to Queens, the city and I had a nice ride. Maybe we’ll tango again? Then California caught my eye in ‘08 and I ascended the Redwoods. Then it was time to learn my Spanish, here in Argentina. Italy and Uruguay in between. This marks the longest consecutive months I’ve been away from my family in New York, Long Island to be exact.

Would you believe me if I told you how much I missed my bamboo garden? The connection between a man and his garden is forged in steel. Or is it dirt?

Well, it’s getting late and I shall get back to my chamomile tea. These past three days of water fasting have taxed my system, but after I broke the fast, I can feel my cells stretching once again.

May you stretch in peace tonight across your sheets and dream about a world where you are free to do as you like, every day, without compromise. If you’re lucky, perhaps you won’t wake up.

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2 Responses to Bamboo Dreams

  1. Robin October 7, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    David! I’m a big fan of your writing and your messages. Keep up the good flow.

    Tenemos que juntarnos y conversar más sobre todo de la vida tan bella.



    • David Askaripour October 8, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

      Hey Brother! Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward to reading your articles too. Your blog looks like it has a lot of great articles.

      Si, tenemos que chalar pronto, puede ser esta noche!

      Abrazo grande,

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